Help Spread Autism Acceptance and Understanding

At DTD Autism Acceptance Project, we aim to make a lasting impact in the community and beyond.  Our initiatives and activities are designed to catalyze true transformation.  But above all, passion is at the heart and soul of everything that we do. 

Awareness Versus Acceptance

Neurodiversity is not just a conversation topic! Help build a community that welcomes Autistics into your world, into you and your children's friendships, into your neighborhood gatherings, into your workplace, places of worship, schools, and playgrounds. 

-Awareness means you know it exists. Acceptance means you connect personally and learn more. 

-Awareness means you can identify it. Acceptance means you talk to people and gain understanding, compassion, and sensitivity.

-Awareness means you know something is happening. Acceptance means you offer help and support without judgement. 

-Awareness means you cope with it, deal with it, tolerate it. Acceptance means you embrace it, grow from it, and build relationships with people who have Autism, not only those who love someone with Autism.

-Awareness is NOT enough. Acceptance is the next step towards a truly inclusive and community driven society.